Hard to believe that summer is winding down and Back to School season is just around the corner! In a few blinks of the eye, we will be knee deep in holiday shopping and holiday travel!

Whether you’re back to work full time in September or starting to plan your holiday travel, be sure to consider your pet’s needs during this busy time of year.

Traveling with pets is a lot of work

Of course traveling with pets can certainly be accomplished with a lot of crossing T’s and dotting I’s. If it is feasible, I prefer to bring Fletch with me when I travel. But it does take work to get it right. Packing for yourself and your family can take a lot out of you. Add packing crates and carriers, blankets and beds, food, treats, toys, leashes, water and other pet-related items to the list and it can become overwhelming. Did you remember everything?

Flying with your pet adds another element to pre-trip planning. Booking pet airfare, additional pet paperwork, finding suitable travel accommodations, and in some instances sedating your pet for the flight. Pets that are not small enough to fit underneath airline seats will be required to fly cargo in the belly of an airplane. The biggest risk in transporting pets this way is extremes in temperature – heat and cold. More than 140 pets died and 88 were lost or injured while traveling on airplanes between May 2005 and July 2010 according to the Department of Transportation. Fletch is not small enough to fit under an airplane seat and I believe it is entirely too risky to send a pet in cargo. Therefore, airline travel with Fletch is not something I would consider.

Upon arrival at your destination, hopefully you can stay with relatives who love your pets as much as you do Or you will need to find a pet friendly hotel.

Boarding your pet at a kennel

Many veterinarians and animal behaviorists agree that stress is indeed the biggest problem with boarding of any sort. Pets are uncomfortable outside of their normal environment. Often this stress results in vomiting and diarrhea. Fear and timidity may reduce appetites and often pets will lose weight when boarded. Since there’s so many animals in one place, the staff can’t give each pet special attention. Extra playtime or walk sessions must be purchased in addition to boarding fees. The kennel will perform feedings, bathroom breaks, and walks according to their schedule, not yours.

If you are choosing to board your dog or cat, you also have a checklist that can become stressful: Your pet must be up to date with proper vaccines required by the kennel. And you will have to pack the appropriate amount of food, treats, and medications and leave written instructions. Your pet will likely be handled by multiple kennel workers as shifts change daily.

Of course all of this is totally doable. However, there is a wonderful alternative for both you and your pets that minimizes stress for humans AND for Fido and Fluffy! In home pet care services takes ALL of the pet travel planning off your plate and at the same time, keep your pets calm and stress free while they are being loved and cared for in their own familiar home.

Pets prefer being in their home environment

Domestic pets are creatures of habit. They like to be in their regular environment with all the smells and creature comforts that are familiar to them. Traveling with a pet is stressful and boarding a pet can be worse.

Pets can also show signs of stress when their owners are away but it tends to be less severe when they are in the familiar surroundings of their own homes. Pet sitters also add a layer of protection to your home. Newspaper and mail collection, trash cans in and out, lights on and off, creates near normal household activity that may discourage potential intruders.

Being at home in the loving hands of one of our amazing pet sitters, your pet gets to keep its consistent routine, have all the comforts of home, get personal and individualized care and you get peace of mind knowing all of your pet’s needs are being met. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

The Heidi’s Hounds Solution

Leaving your furry friend with a pet sitter for the first time may leave you uneasy and I totally get that! Will they take the proper care of my beloved pet? Will they remember to give them the right medicine at the right time? Will they give enough love, attention, cuddles, and hugs?

When you hire Heidi’s Hounds, the answer is YES! I have modeled my pet care business after my own pet care needs from decades of traveling abroad. During my career I struggled to find quality pet care. I experienced dog walkers and pet sitters who didn’t show up as promised and boarding in private homes and kennels where my dog was confined to a crate most of their stay. He came home stressed and skinnier than when I left him and I felt guilty all the time!

The team of awesome pet sitters at Heidi’s Hounds pass a demanding interview and referral process before being considered to work. If a sitter passes the interview process, everyone must pass a criminal and sexual predator background check before joining the team. We are all certified in Pet CPR and First Aid. And for my client’s additional peace of mind, the entire team is bonded and insured.

I am dedicated to providing my clients with the peace of mind pet care I could never find for myself. Safe, trustworthy, personalized care so you can go away guilt free knowing your pet is in dependable and loving hands.

Contact us today for a Free Consultation! You and your four legged friends will be glad you did! Our word is our bond!