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There are no “quick fixes” when it comes to dogs. The key to having a successfully trained dog largely depends on your commitment and follow through every day. More often than not, we are undoing previously learned behaviors and THEN we teach new behavior patterns. Training takes time and should be viewed as a lifelong journey. It’s management on a daily basis and reinforcing the same things over and over so they become ingrained. I’m here to help you and your dog on this journey.



This is a stand-alone lesson prior to bringing a new puppy home. Heidi will set you and your new pup up for success from the start by recommending the correct supplies, reviewing logistics in your home to make sure your puppy is safe, and giving you information on do’s and don’ts when the new puppy arrives.

If you’re in need of further training once puppy is home, we will develop an additional program with you.



Foundation training teaches you and your pooch the basic building blocks to create a harmonious relationship. We will focus on three structural foundational skills that will help you with many naughty behaviors your dog presents: 1) Place 2) Thresholds 3) Structured Walk. As a byproduct of learning these foundational skills, your dog will master more common obedience such as sit, come, down, stay, and loose leash walking.



Expanding on Foundation Training, you and your dog will utilize an E Collar to sharpen what you’ve already learned, increase duration and distraction work, and develop skills to work from a distance. This is great for owners who would like off leash reliability (frolicking at the beach, hiking in the woods) *MUST have prior training with Heidi before starting e-collar work.



Do you have the basics covered but just can’t quite seem to figure out the nuances of teaching your dog not to pull on the leash? We’ll start with an introduction to technique and then we’ll finish with some real-world practice and distractions.


One-on-one private training at your home $55/forty five minutes to one hour

Buy a 4 pack of private lessons for $210

Buy a 6 pack of private lessons for $300


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