Meet Heidi

Hey there I’m Heidi

I’ve had a lifelong fascination with the body language of animals even before I understood what body language meant.

Like most people who get into dog training, my interest was piqued by a former rescue dog who was fearful, anxious and didn’t think twice to bite if she was outside of her comfort zone. Sadly I was never able to find a solution to help her. My vet was great but couldn’t help with training issues. I ran down the gauntlet of pure positive trainers. I tried a behavioral vet and also put her on Prozac. All to no avail.

Why balanced training? Because everyone wants a good dog. A well-behaved dog equals more fun for everyone. A squirrel will always be more important to a dog than any goody in your treat pouch. By using balanced training we are educating the dog and giving them clarity on what is being asked. We are also using praise and the occasional treat for a job well done. Balanced training creates happy, confident dogs who mind their manners and are reliable even in the most distracting situations.


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