We offer a complimentary half hour consultation to get to know you and your dog. If you need more than 30 minutes there will be an additional fee.

Most clients want to know if I train with treats? The answer is yes and no. My approach is more about relationship training between you and your dog rather than treat training. I will use treats in some instances when dog’s need a little extra motivation for work and for luring exercises with puppies. However, we are looking to avoid dependency on treats as a bribe for good behavior. Most food motivated dogs will work for treats but in instances of high arousal (squirrels, bunnies, other dogs, and other triggers) no treat in the world is enticing enough to lessen a stimulated state of mind. In addition, there are some dogs who are simply not that motivated to work for food.

A prong collar may be used to provide gentle guidance, connection and communication with your dog. Despite its scary appearance, a prong collar is one of those tools that has changed millions of dog owners’ lives. It’s a tool that actually protects your dog from trachea damage caused by a dog who pulls excessively due to excitement or bad behavior. The prong collar distributes pressure all the way around the neck instead of directly on the trachea. It is also an excellent tool for directional guidance and for human to canine communication.

Remote training collars are used for more advanced work to enhance what you’ve already learned, increase duration and distraction work, and develop skills to work from a distance. This is great for owners who would like off leash reliability (frolicking at the beach, hiking in the woods)

Most dogs can be rehabilitated and trained. The key to having a successfully trained dog largely depends on the owner’s commitment and follow through every day. More often than not, we are undoing previously learned behaviors and THEN we teach new behavior patterns. Training takes time and should be viewed as a lifelong journey. It’s management on a daily basis and reinforcing the same things over and over so they become ingrained.

The 4 or 6 session program is great if you have at least 1-2 hours a day to work with your dog to pattern and practice what we do in each session. Please note, you do not need to hold “formal” training sessions. You can incorporate training into your daily routine with your dog. Ideally we should schedule each lesson 3 days apart. After each lesson, you will work with your dog on your own, then we will meet again, add more skills and repeat.

There are many variables involved to create a well-behaved, balanced dog, including owner commitment, consistency, and follow-through. As such, there is no way to 100% guarantee outcomes. Dedicated and diligent owners will see results and transformations in their dogs. I will teach you how to successfully communicate with your dog and build a mutually beneficial relationship through leadership and systematic real-world training. It is up to you as the owner to take this information and make the commitment to training your dog.

Prior to training services, you must provide Heidi’s Hounds with an up to date rabies certificate.

Venmo, cash or check. Please note returned checks are subject to an additional $35 charge

Payment in full is required at the start of your first training session.


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