Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellation 8 or more days prior to any scheduled training service may be made without penalty, and requires no payment.
  • Cancellation 2 – 7 days prior to scheduled training service requires a payment of 25% of the full quoted fee amount.
  • Cancellation 0 – 48 hours to scheduled training service requires a payment of 100% of the quoted fee amount.
  • If a training package has been purchased, a canceled session is counted as one session.
  • All purchased services must be used within 180 days from the payment date, or they will be forfeited.
  • All paid training fees are nonrefundable

Scope of Training Services; Disclaimer of Warranty

In the event that Heidi’s Hounds provides training or lessons for you and/or your pet, the goal is to teach you how to train and work with your pet, and these lessons will take place at your home. Heidi’s Hounds will make every reasonable effort to help you achieve training and behavior modification goals but make no guarantee of your pet’s performance or behavior as a result of providing such services. You understand that you and members of your household must follow Heidi’s instructions without modification, work with the dog daily as recommended, and constantly reinforce training being given to your pet, in order to achieve the desired results.

Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, you acknowledge that Heidi’s Hounds has not represented, promised, guaranteed or warranted that your pet will never bite, that your pet will not be dangerous or vicious in the future, that your pet will not exhibit other behavioral problems, or that the results of the training will last for any particular amount of time.

Limitation of Liability; Indemnification.

You will be responsible for all medical expenses and damages resulting from an injury to Heidi’s Hounds personnel caused by your pet. You agree to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend Heidi’s Hounds, in the event of a claim by any person injured by your pet. If your pet causes property damage, or bites or injures any other animal or person that results in a claim of any kind against Heidi’s Hounds, whether during or after the term of the services provided by Heidi’s Hounds, then you agree to pay all resulting losses and damages suffered or incurred, and to defend and indemnify Heidi’s Hounds resulting claims, demands, lawsuits, losses, costs or expenses, including attorney fees. If your pet is injured in a fight or in any other manner during or after the term of the services provided by Heidi’s Hounds, you assume said risk and agree that Heidi’s Hounds shall not be held responsible for any resulting injuries, losses, damages, costs or expenses.


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