Are you thinking of a new pet while you’re stuck at home? I’ve spoken to a number of people wondering if this is a good time to add a new puppy to their household. Many rescue groups and animal shelters across the country are reporting success finding homes for many of their furry tenants.

Pets offer a way to help ease the feeling of isolation that comes with staying home day in and day out. Animals provide constant companionship, comfort and stability during this otherwise uncertain period in our lives. And all this time at home is ideal for house training a new pooch, and giving humans and their new pets plenty of time to bond.

Taking in a pet should never be a spontaneous decision. From the moment you bring home a pet, you become its lifelong friend and family. This is a commitment not to be taken lightly. At the very least, consider if you can provide a proper living space, appropriate training, plenty of exercise, and have the financial means to care for a pet for 10 -15 years.

Be honest with yourself and seriously consider if you have the time and patience to take care of a new pet. As much as your kids promise they will walk and feed Fido each day, the adults in the house will bear the responsibility of most of the daily care. Strongly consider if you’ll be able to juggle your professional life with being a responsible pet parent once we are through the pandemic and everyone can go back to work. If your family has been around the house every day and then suddenly the house is quiet, it will likely be upsetting to your new furry friend.

If you still feel you can manage a new pet, that is terrific news. There are plenty of pets hoping you’ll be their new mom or dad. Remember, all domestic pets love routine as it makes them feel safe and secure. Spend this valuable time connecting with your new family member and establishing daily schedules. Also use this time to prepare for when life returns to normal. What, if any, adjustments will need to be made for your pet to maintain the same level of care and mental stimulation in their daily lives as they are receiving during our stay at home orders. Doggy daycares, professional dog walking services (I happen to know a good one), family, and/or neighbors are all good options to explore now while you have the luxury of time.

Happy Tails