It’s summer time in New England! This is a great time to maximize outdoor fun with your pooch!

Following are summertime tips to keep Fido healthy and happy all summer long!

Walk or exercise your dog early in the day:

Temperatures are coolest in the early morning hours. This is a great time of day to get outside with your pooch before the heat of the day makes exercise too dangerous for him. You’ll often see me and Fletch enjoying a long hike in World’s End Hingham as the sun is just beginning to rise!

Don’t overdo outdoor play time with your dog in the summer:

Many dogs are very eager when it comes to fetching a stick or a ball. Some are so enthusiastic they will literally run until they drop from exhaustion. This is of particular concern in hot weather. Dogs may drop from heat stroke before physical exhaustion would normally tell them it was time to rest.

Check your dog for ticks:

These little critters seem to have an uncanny ability to find their way onto our beloved pets! Always check your dog for ticks when they’ve been outdoors romping! Even with regular flea and tick preventative, I’m finding a lot of ticks on Fletch this season. Always check legs, underbelly, ears, etc. Recently I pulled one off the tip of Fletch’s snout! Yuck!

Some dogs should be shaved, while others should not:

Talk to your groomer about what is the best hair cut for your pet this summer. Your professional groomer will make recommendations based on your individual dog’s hair coat, activity level, age etc.

Keep your dog hydrated:

This is common sense but worth mentioning, always be sure to provide access to plenty of fresh water for Fido. This is of particular importance when temperatures heat up!

Dogs suffer from heat stroke, too:

Dogs cool down by panting. In hot weather the heat can easily overpower their ability to adjust body temperature which can quickly result in overheating. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the signs of heatstroke in dogs.

signs of heat stroke in dogs

Be aware of hot pavement underneath your dog’s paws:

Sun-baked blacktop can easily fry an egg. Try to keep your dog off of the hot pavement during the heat of the day. Encourage your dog to walk and play on the cool grass.

Don’t leave your dog unattended by the pool:

Just like humans, not all dogs are good swimmers! Fletch loves to splash in low water but is very reluctant to swim! A dog who unexpectedly falls in the water may not be able to get out on his own. The sides of the pool typically pose a problem for a dog’s short legs.

Summer is a great time to enjoy the outdoors with man’s best friend! Use these common sense ideas to keep your pets safe when the temperatures heat up!