Halloween is right around the corner and the Heidi’s Hounds team is looking forward to seeing all the ghosts and goblins on the South Shore!

The National Retail Federation states that pumpkins and hot dogs are the top two pet Halloween costume choices this year 😛 If you are planning to dress up Fido, plan ahead so wearing the costume isn’t scary for him. Introduce it to your pet slowly with plenty of treats and positive reinforcement. It’s advisable to start this process at least a week before the costume will be worn. Be sure whatever costume you choose doesn’t restrict your pet’s movement, block vision or have parts that your pooch can easily chew off.

Some pets (including mine) find Halloween down right scary. Ringing door bells and spooky trick or treaters is cause for two very stressed out terriers in my home. Keeping pets who are fearful of this tradition away from the ghosts and goblins at your front door is in everyone’s best interest. Many animal shelters indicate the day after Halloween is one of their busiest days with lost dogs being turned in. Put your frightened pets in a room with soothing music and favorite toys until all the ghosts and goblins are done for the evening.

If you’re going out trick-or-treating with the kids, leave your dog at home. Dogs can be easily excited by the neighborhood Halloween commotion. A bite or a lost dog will quickly end your evening fun.

Don’t forget! The candy bowl is full of potential toxins for Fluffy and Fido. Many foods, such as chocolate, gum and xylitol (a sweetener used in many foods), are hazardous to pets. Please keep these sweet treats out of reach!