Rave Reviews

Hi Heidi and Team,

I just wanted to take a moment to mention how impressed I have been with everyone at Heidi’s Hounds. The service has been excellent and everyone that has been walking Zoë and Krypto has been so friendly and kind. Lauren, Jennifer, and George are great! I also want to say that we LOVE the Pet Care Journal’s and look forward to them every time we have service done.

Awesome job everyone and we look forward to our Zoë and Krypto continuing to enjoy their visits!

Kent Lyle, Hingham, MA

Thank you for taking such good care of Jasper this week! Your updates gave us great peace of mind as we were away from him for the first time. We will be in touch for our next trip!

M.M., Hingham, MA

I wanted to extend my deepest gratitude for the level of care your team extended Cody. This was his first time away from us and not with his usual sitter.  I appreciate the time and effort of your team to prepare the chicken & rice as well as pick up meds from the vet.  The daily journals were fantastic and when we returned home last night he was so happy!

Liz Volpe, Hingham, MA

Just wanted to send a huge THANK YOU to George and the entire Heidi’s Hounds staff for a truly wonderful 1st experience with your team. We are so grateful that Riley was so well cared-for during our visit, and especially appreciate all the help you provided as we transitioned to our new home just days before our trip. We look forward to working with you all again.

Sarah Gaul, Hingham, MA

Heidi has been a great assist in helping me train my 6 month year old chihuahua puppy. Her instructions are easy to follow and homework with my dog has become fun. I am building my confidence because of Heidi and that’s all part of training. I get trained too 😆. I would definitely recommend Heidi . A+++

Tina Cupertino, Stuart, Florida

We can’t thank you enough! You truly went above and beyond doing the laundry and the house was epic and span! The family room was so tidy with the pillows all arranged- as I said, truly above and beyond. Charlie was very happy, rested, calm and clean when we arrived. Thanks again, so much!

Catherine Harvey, Cohasset, MA

We are so incredibly thankful for Heidi’s Hounds! Whenever we travel, the care team takes great care of our beloved, elderly cat. After each visit, we receive pictures and a write up of what occurred. The communication is impeccable and we absolutely trust each member of the team. We highly recommend Heidi’s Hounds to anyone looking for the highest quality care for their pets.

Kathy Sargent, Hingham, MA

Heidi‘s Hounds were nothing but amazing. They were great when I went on vacation. They took great care of my Layla and she loved them as well. They were very responsive, professional, and arrived in a timely manner ! I would recommend them for sure.

Quadasha Petit, Weymouth, MA

Our cats love Heidi’s Hounds and their staff! I’m pretty sure they think they are also on vacation! I have never felt so safe and relieved leaving my babies.

Priscilla Cornwell, Hingham, MA

Heidi’s hounds is amazing. Huge shoutout to Heidi’s Hounds! They have taken such excellent care of my cats over the years when I travel. Recently I was having work done on house while away and one of workers inadvertently let one of my cats out. They came for their daily visit and found her outside. They came back multiple times during the day to try to coax him back inside and making sure he was safe and fed. They communicated what was going on and what they were doing. Just cannot say enough. Really CARE for our fur babies.

Susie O'Horo, Hingham, MA

Heidi’s Hounds has been taking care of our little buddy named Tucker, a 70lb yellow Labrador Retriever, a nice family dog, for years and has always been excellent. Never a problem, and the service is a great value. They offer a very wide range of options for daily care as well as unique offering to care for your pet while you are away on vacation. It has been an amazing experience with Heidi’s Hounds and their pet sitters, they are all great, they mean the world to us, because they keep our nice floppy friendly Tucker safe and happy even when we are away over night. Thank you!!

Andrew Simms, Cohasset, MA

I don’t trust my girls with just anyone. Heidi’s Hounds service, dedication is par none. During COVID-19 they have taken every precaution possible every time they come into my home. Lola and Cici feel safe with them and that makes me feel safe. Thanks for taking such good care of the girls and of my home.

Delia Garced, Hingham, MA

Thank you so much in getting last minute coverage so the family could get to Ohio for a family emergency.  The dogs love you and the sitters!

Claudette B., Cohasset, MA

Thank you so much! Everything went great with your service, A++. Tucker and the house are in perfect shape. See you all next time!!!. We are very happy.

Andrew Simms, Cohasset, MA

We love Tricia and the lovely service you guys provide. After comparison with a few other competitors, the high degree of attention and wonderful communication is just top notch and love having you guys take care of our cat when away. Thank you Heidi’s Hounds!

Caroline Winn, Scituate, MA

Heidi’s Hounds has been my go-to for dog walking for years. They are reliable and responsive, and they treat my pooch like a VIP. I recently tried their pet sitting service for my cat and loved it! It was wonderful to be on vacation with peace of mind that my kitty was well cared for. I definitely recommend Heidi’s to anyone.

Carmen Sharp, Hingham, MA

The most pet-centric company in the world!! Great customer experiences, easy digital scheduling tools, excellent walkers! Peace of mind guaranteed! Love Heidi’s Hounds

Elaine Coleman, Hingham, MA

Heidi’s Hounds makes going on vacation so much more relaxing. I don’t have to worry about my boys, I know they are being taken care of and I get to see pictures of them everyday to reassure me. I can’t say enough great things about the company and it’s staff. Wonderful, pet loving people!! Big shout out to Hope, George and Ruth!! Thanks guys!

Joan Fitzgerald, Weymouth, MA

My dog Rosie always loves her time spent with Joan, which is clear by the many pics of her sprawling out and taking over poor Joan’s furniture! The updates make it so comfortable to be away, knowing she is in great hands. Thanks as always!

Emily Melia, Hull, MA

Great service. They definitely do a 5 star job!

Rhoda Silverlieb, Hingham, MA

My dog is in good hands with Heidi’s Hounds services. The staff are great with my Cavalier and they are very responsive with my requests/comments.

Ann Mackey, Hingham, MA

This is a great service and run very well. Easy to book online. They share pictures and details of every visit right after the visit. They also offer additional services for your home that is very helpful. The staff is very responsive and it is clear they all love pets!

Patrick Blair, Hingham, MA

I love this service! All of the walkers have been great with my dog Penny! I love getting updates when I am not home letting me know she is getting tons of love!

Jennifer Walsh, Hull, MA

We would definitely recommend Heidi’s Hounds. They have been amazing, with all their updates and pictures. Just recently, they also helped us make sure Baxter was included in our special day. We cannot thank Heidi’s Hounds enough!

Marissa Bonito, Hull, MA

Life is a lot easier for the Cotters knowing that Lucy will be looked after while we are away. Lucy loves all the Heidi’s Hounds caregivers and appreciate the security we feel when we receive the log of pictures and comments. Thank you again for your service.

Kathy Cotter, Weymouth, MA

We were delighted at the incredible care our dog and cat received during our weeklong vacation. The attention to detail and the loving they gave our pets was outstanding. We highly recommend Heidi’s Hounds. Your pets will be much happier in their own home, rather than being boarded. Thanks, Heidi’s Hounds!

Suzanne Kay, Hingham, MA

Heidi’s Hounds is a trustworthy and dependable dog walking service. I recommend them whole heartedly!

Susan Hagstrom, Hull, MA

I’ve been using services since this summer and am very appreciative of the care the staff at Heidi’s Hounds provides for my dog. The pictures and journal entries are always so fun to read. The communication is excellent – you can tell the staff genuinely care about the animals. I highly recommend!

Kara DuBlois, Weymouth, MA

We would like to express our gratitude and sincerest thanks to every sitter that has visited to care for our furry babies while we were in the UK- we absolutely LOVE Heidi’s Hounds. The care Spencer and Bailey receive is exceptional and we always know they are being well looked after!!!!

Robert Montgomery, Hingham, MA

I highly recommend Heidi’s Hounds! The journal entries are always the best part of my workday. Sometimes I show them to my students if they come in during class. We call them “pupdates”. Meeko always looks SO happy in her pictures! I feel very confident that Meeko is safe and well cared for with the Heidi’s Hounds sitters. 🥰

Erin Foley, Cohasset, MA

I used Heidi’s Hounds for daily lunch walks for my dog. They were very professional and I was satisfied with their service.

Ajit Baid, Hingham, MA

The caregivers were incredibly attentive to our dog and well within the scheduled timeframe. We especially enjoyed the creatively written emails that followed up each scheduled visit. We love Heidi’s Hounds and highly recommend them.

Beth Seraikas, Hull, MA

Heidi and her “Hounds” offer the best care I’ve ever experienced – I highly recommend them to everyone! Velvet and Coco love all their friends who come to look after them! We arrive back from weeks away to happy, non-stressed dogs – what could be better?

Sara Dewey, Hingham, MA

Heidi’s Hounds has been amazing for our dog who does not like strangers. They have been patient and kind and he now looks forward to their visits!

Heather Ebels, Hingham, MA

Ability to arrange care with little notice; loving pet sitters that take the time to post thorough updates with pictures at every visit. They offer more than just pet care; they will attend to other needed chores, such as plant care and bringing in the mail.

Joanne Hill, Scituate, MA

Heidi’s Hounds has made life with two puppies manageable and enjoyable! Our family can continue with our crazy weekend schedule and travel knowing that they are taken care of, tired and loved!!

Lindsey Merrill, Hingham, MA

I completely trust all the walkers at Heidi’s Hounds to show up, keep my dog safe, and leave her well cared for. Their online system for booking and billing is simple to use, efficient, and thorough. Above and beyond all that are the journal entries. Shortly after their visit, the walkers post pictures and a summary of their visit. I can see where my dog’s been. I can see the expressions on her face. There is no better reassurance that all is good. One last note, I have a rescue dog with a well developed sense of stubborn. All the walkers from Heidi’s Hounds have been understanding and accommodating.Highly recommended.

Jan Peterson, Hull, MA

Great visits for Lucy. Thank you for your team in giving Lucy TLC while we are away from our home.

Kathy Cotter, Weymouth, MA

I can always count on good care for my two dogs when I need it. Heidi’s Hounds is flexible and responsive and gives updates on how the visits are going.

Deb McCarthy, Hingham, MA

There were no issues at all. It was all great!

Daniel Ameen, Weymouth, MA

We highly recommend Heidi’s Hounds! We’ve had the pleasure of meeting some of the walkers and everyone has been very nice and respectful. We find their website easy to use and communications are always timely and full of details and pictures. We know our beagle is in great hands!

Brooke Rodriguez, Norwell, MA

Cherie, Simply to say you’re the best isn’t enough. Thank you for coming to the rescue! We adore you, trust you and we hold you to the highest standard. 5 out of 5 stars!

Sandra Lee, Hingham, MA

Shannon is the best! We love her!!!!

Samantha Zildjian, Cohasset, MA

I take comfort in knowing that Lucy is in such great care!

Patrick O'Donnell, Hanover, MA

Thank you so much, Dawn! Great care and absolutely wonderful photos!

Caroline Winn, Scituate, MA

Heidi! Cannot tell you how grateful I am for the care of Monte. We always hate to leave him but now he may just be sending us off! Not only did he thoroughly enjoy his time in Heidi’s Hound care but I loved how easy to access his schedule and feedback with your online scheduling. Also, extra grateful for being able to add a day last minute from our flight delay. I will definitely be using your services again soon and highly recommend to all!

Lucie Brackett, Hingham, MA

I cannot say enough great things about your service and staff. My vacation was finally worry free knowing my two kitties were being so well taken care of and getting updates every morning with pictures was just so great!! Hope and George are wonderful pet people and I will be scheduling again for this July.  Thank you, thank you!

Joan Fitzgerald, Weymouth, MA

Dawn did a great job updating me and sending me lots of adorable pictures of Booey!   It was reassuring knowing Dawn was with her especially since Booey is in chronic renal failure and needs some extra attention at this stage of her life.

Casey Scribner, Hull, MA

Thank you Cherie and Heidi and your team. I honestly don’t know what I would do without you.

Kim Lechner, Hingham, MA

This is a great service. I have recommended to friends who have also used them. Joan is excellent with Piper. Piper loves going with her!

Maria Hall, Hingham, MA

Thank you so much everyone for your wonderful care!

Karen McDowall, Cohasset, MA

Thank you Joan! Ozzie will miss you for sure!! Thank you for taking such great care of him!!! We are so lucky to have met you!!

Christine Van der Kleft, Hingham, MA

I knew Scout was in good hands because we have used Heidi’s Hounds before. Each sitter provided excellent updates on Scout . She got the royal treatment again and I loved seeing the photos and reading the journals. She was happy and well cared for when we came home from our trip.

Julie Driggs, Hingham, MA

Brittany was awesome and I returned to a happy pup. Everything went smooth, exactly as advertised.

Jeb Brundt, Hull, MA

Great journal entries! I can’t wait to get them everyday!

Lynne Santangelo, Weymouth, MA

Thank you so much Joan! This was a bit of an emergency trip…not for the best of reasons…so relieved Cooper was well taken care of and love to see the pics. We appreciate it so much!

Elizabeth Pederson, Hingham, MA

I can’t thank you enough for everything you guys have done for us and our dogs! The stories, pictures and updates made our week away from them so much more manageable. They are literally our “furry” babies so it’s not easy leaving them, so we appreciate all the love and attention they received! Thanks again for everything. We are boarding our plane and we are excited to see our dogs in a few hours! You guys are the best!

Heather Reardon, Cohasset, MA

I wanted to thank you for your excellent service for Sarge while we were away. I was fairly concerned about him, but it worked out better for him than being in a kennel, and all was good with the house and Sarge upon our return. Thank you again.

Bill Robinson, Hingham, MA

The dog walkers give very clear feedback and let us know if they believe anything is wrong. The scheduling and communicating with the walkers is very easy!

Kathryn Shepard, Hingham, MA

Your team did a great job. Loved all the pictures and updates. Someone even found the invisible fence collar that I’ve been looking for for 3 months!

Deb McCarthy, Hingham, MA

All the sitters are amazing; they treat Dempsey as if he was there own dog and I feel entirely safe with anybody that Heidi sends to the house to be sure that they follow my instructions and what I want for my dog and also the care to protect my house as well. Amazing service, super easy online system to use, I never worry when I have to use the services about anything and that in its self is a relief

Lindsey Hare, Hingham, MA

I have had nothing but amazing care and service from all of the pet sitters that have taken care of Groot and Beacan. All of the staff are professional, caring and over the top amazing!! I wouldn’t use anyone else. The level of care and commitment to all the pets is outstanding!!

Robin Moyer, Hingham, MA

We are so thankful for the awesome care of Willie! You have the BEST staff and we couldn’t feel more blessed to have them as part of our ‘family’ in caring for Wills. Thank you to Kelly, Shannon, Sarah and Brittany! They rock! (As do you and your office team!!)

Caroline Harb, Hingham, MA

Tricia is amazing! Super communicative, thoughtful and went above and beyond to take care of our cat and home. You guys are the best and we recommend you to others!

Caroline Winn, Scituate, MA

They were all terrific and I loved the long notes they left after each visit. Great service. Everyone we connected with felt trustworthy and enthusiastic about taking care of our dogs.

Meghen DeSanta, Hingham, MA

The walkers have been great, especially Shannon who gives us the best write ups and clearly gives Baxter tons of love and attention. I have been extremely satisfied with how easy it is to book appointments, and the communication through the app has been great.

Jonathan Joyce, Hull, MA

Diane is absolutely wonderful with Beau – we couldn’t be happier! A wonderful experience thus far! We would recommend to anyone.

Christine Lawless, Hingham, MA

The dog walkers communicate effectively and follow all of my care instructions. Very pleased with the service.

John Attridge, Hingham, MA

This is amazing care and we are all very thankful. You guys do a phenomenal job and knowing they are in good hands means the world to us. Thank you!!

Lisa Hart, Norwell, MA

Your team took care of Scooby and Scout over Labor Day weekend and they were fantastic as always. Mark is a great addition to your wonderful team and from his notes and interaction with the dogs, I can tell that he really loves dogs! (Scooby doesn’t always like men so Mark clearly passed the strictest Scooby test). Thank you for making it easier to go away. You guys make it so easy, that we went and adopted another dog. I’m sure you’ll meet her soon! Thanks again!

Katie Merrigan, Hingham, MA

Dear Heidi’s Hounds: This is Gizmo. I write with sadness because we are moving. Mom and Dad have new jobs and they say they can’t commute that far everyday to continue living here. I’ve had so much fun with all of you and appreciate you playing with me every Saturday. I always look forward to it. My mom says to tell you all thank you very much for taking good care of me. I will miss you! Woof! Gizmo

Ashley Guba, Hingham, MA

Tricia is wonderful, love seeing her notes and photos. It’s comforting to know Blueberry is in good care when we are away from home. Excellent service, we are very happy.

Jill Ullery, Scituate, MA

All the dog walkers have been fabulous! Fantastic service!

Monica Hayman, Hingham, MA

The communication I receive is excellent. It is fast, complete and makes me smile! I think the service is great!

Kim Hemmert, Weymouth, MA

All the sitters have been great. Love the ease of the website and LOVE that you send me a reminder email!

Susan Weber, Cohasset, MA

Tricia has been great! Both she and Sarah worked to figure out the challenges that Cedar was presenting them with. Tricia brings her own Chuck-it ball to play with Cedar which we think is awesome. Heidi and her team have made everything so easy for us. From scheduling to visit updates and other communications, it’s all been a breeze.

Melora Rich, Scituate, MA

The dog walkers are all amazing. It makes me feel at peace while I’m at work that he’s getting the care he deserves. The personal updates and pictures after their visits make me so happy. Heidi’s Hounds is 100% the best dog walking group around!

Shauna Ester, Hull, MA

Both Kathy and Sarah took great care of our pup while we were away on vacation. We will definitely use Heidi’s Hounds in the future and recommend to family and friends.

Patrick O'Donnell, Hanover, MA

Cherie did great with the dogs. Annie can be a lot of work, Cherie mangaged her so well in addition to caring for Chief and Polly, we’re delighted with the service. We loved the portal and how frequently the updates are posted, especially with photos. Plus including poop scooping & plant watering is really helpful.

Anne Marie Madigan, Weymouth, MA

Thanks for taking such good care of Louie. It was comforting knowing he was in such good hands. We will most surely be in touch with Heidi’s Hounds again when the need arises!

Beth Saraikas, Hull, MA

We loved reading every one of your visits and looking at the pictures. Thank you so much for taking such good care of our little guys. We were able to relax and have fun knowing they were so well cared for.

Beth Pederson, Hingham, MA

Best service ever!!! Any inquiries were immediately responded to. Felt as if my dog was in better hands than when we were home. One of the highlights of our vacation was reading our dog’s daily blog and looking at the pictures. My boys were so happy reading the details of the sitter and our dog.

Mark Maldonis, Scituate, MA

Thanks Karen for taking such good care of our Bella!

Paul Beresis, Hull, MA

We’re so sad to write this email, but we’re moving and will no longer be able to use Heidi’s Hounds. We have been so pleased with your services and friendly walkers who have taken such amazing care of Benefit over the last year and a half! It’s been a blessing to have such reliable and flexible service – a dream come true for a dog owner!

Thomas G, Cohasset, MA

We just wanted to say thank you for taking such good care of Baxter while we were away! Baxter is always anxious when we leave him and knowing he was in such great care was such a relief! We loved getting the email updates and seeing the pictures during each visit made us smile. Everyone that came did an amazing job and followed my many notes perfectly! Thank you again and we will absolutely use you in the near future!

Carrie Waxman, Hingham, MA

I just wanted to take a moment and tell everyone how happy I am with the care that Mamacita received from your staff. Mama came to me as a rescue cat several years ago and I recognized very soon that she suffered from anxiety.  She is still temperamental, but I knew she would be much better off at home instead of being boarded. The pictures I received every day as well as the updates showed me I had made the right decision. As the pictures showed, she willingly allowed herself to be petted and curled her head into the palm of everyone’s hands. I HIGHLY recommend this company.

Abby Levine, Weymouth, MA

Tricia did a great job of keeping us informed, not only about Oliver but also about things that were happening at our house. I would feel very comfortable with her helping us again. I love the communication and that everything can be managed online.

Meredith Hollander, Hingham, MA

The updates were great – especially Sarah’s, Becca’s and Kaylee’s updates these were filled of so many pics and narratives. This was a great alternative to a kennel. I am booking again for my July and August vacations.

Caryn Ciampa, Hull, MA

Both Tricia and Joan were terrific. The cats seemed very contented when we came home. A great, positive experience. Peace of mind is priceless. Thank you for offering such a well-run service.

Sharon Will, Weymouth, MA

Penney Stone and Mz. Pippa stopping by with a huge THANK YOU to all at Heidi’s Hounds! You saved the day by helping get the key twice to relieve her and we’re so appreciative, indeed! Stay cool and know how much Pippa loves you!!!

Penney Stone, Hull, MA

I just wanted to reach out after our face to snout meeting, and the first walk for my dogs.  I could not be more pleased with the service everyone has provided! With my dog reactive, sometimes aggressive dogs, I feel completely at ease. The level of professionalism paired with the amount of love the staff has for animals is truly amazing. Viewing the pictures of my pets while I’m at work just makes my day.

Amanda Eddy Baker, Scituate Animal Shelter Volunteer Program and Operations Manager

Tricia is great! She understands that my dogs can be nervous with new people coming in the house so she takes the time to get them to feel comfortable with her.Everything has been so easy and seamless. They are very responsive to all questions and concerns and take the time to explain things clearly. The customer portal is great as well and makes it very easy to manage everything from dog walks to notes you want the dog walker to know.

Richard Chapin, Marshfield, MA

Outstanding Service, thank you for taking such a good care of Sasha! He looks so happy on the pictures you post every day!

Dominique Nigloschy, Scituate, MA

Tricia was excellent and Teddy was very happy! Thank you!

Colleen Ferris, Norwell, MA

Becca went out of her way to ensure that our Molly was relaxed and comfortable and could sense just what she needed. We could tell from the daily photos & updates that as the days progressed, Molly became more contented and playful. Becca was great! Both the office and the sitters are very organized and professional. It is truly a relief not to have to worry about your pet when you are supposed to be enjoying your vacation.

Janet Cerundolo, Hingham, MA

Tricia was outstanding with my cat. Great communication and I felt very comfortable being away. She also did a lot of little extras such as watering the plants and emptying the trash. I really like the client portal and the journals.

Jackie Ganguly, Norwell, MA

Cherie was amazing! Love the service! Will definitely use again!

Mary Briggs, Hingham, MA

Really very detailed info on Max! Really so professional and most important Max was so well taken care of. Thank you!

Lorna Newman, Hingham, MA

Thank you so much for the excellent care you took with Freckles the cat. I was so worried before I left that she would be a brat to her sitter but thanks to your pictures and reports, I know she had a great time on her staycation. I have a couple more trips planned and I will use your wonderful service again.

Mary Laspada, Hingham, MA

Thanks for everything! We loved the reports while we were away and were happy to come home and find the pups in great shape!

Leslie Cerio, Hingham, MA

Joan was amazing! Loved all the pictures she sent and her updates were fun to read. I’m 100,000 percent satisfied! I’m a new furbaby mom and this was my first time leaving my two girls! I looked forward to the pictures and updates every day and felt completely at peace knowing that my girls were well taken care of. So happy I found Heidi’s Hounds!

Terri Skinner, Braintree, MA

Thank you for your wonderful care. It is hard to be away but we know the cats are loved.

Jackie DiCenso, Marshfield, MA

Thanks so much for taking such good care of Fenway. We loved all the updates and pictures. Great service!

Sara Kate Hill, Cohasset, MA

Thank you so much for everything. We really appreciate everything that you did for the dogs! We loved all the funny notes that you left about the them. We got home and they were all happy and the house was great!

Carol Beal, Norwell, MA

Tricia is an excellent kitty caregiver. Her updates on the cats and house (especially during the big storm) were so reassuring while I was away. The kitties were well cared for and the mail was neatly placed on my return. Heidi’s Hounds is an excellent pet care service. The website dashboard is thorough and organized and Heidi and her team make it easy to take a trip, knowing that your pets will be well cared for! I recommend Heidi’s Hounds and will use them again for sure!!!!

Rosemary Conroy, Hingham, MA

Thank you so much for the wonderful care and descriptions of your time with Emmett. We all loved reading all of your updates and appreciate every comment, and picture, and funny detail. You truly make us feel that you know our dog and appreciate him, which is just the best when we can’t be home!! Thank you so much Becca!!  

Colleen W, Hingham, MA

Highly recommend Heidi’s Hounds! Can’t say enough nice things about the staff and their services!

Beth Gidman, Hingham, MA

Joan, I can’t tell you how grateful we are that you take such great care of Barley and give him love and snuggles while we were away. Thank you also for the regular communication and pictures of our little guy. It really means so much to be able to see him and hear that he’s doing great and not missing us too much. Thank you, thank you! 

Maresa Weems, Hingham, MA

Jessica, I wanted to write to thank you so very much for taking such incredible care of Shelby while we were away. We came home to a happy pup and her care couldn’t have been more seamless. We can’t wait for the next time we go away so that you can give her your love and care again.  I’m sure she misses you already!

Raina Elfner, Cohasset, MA

Heidi’s hounds has been taking care of my Scooby since he was 8 weeks old. I absolutely love this company. Joan is a life saver!!!

Shay Thompson, Hingham, MA

Awesome dog walkers! Excellent service!

Debbie Warren, Hingam, MA

Becca has been awesome!! Ziggy really enjoys seeing her (he told me!!) The service is even better than I had hoped!

Jonathan Schneider, Hingham, MA

Great communication and pictures. Quick reply to last min requests. Very organized and website is very user friendly.

Melanie Reynolds, Norwell, MA

Great communication and service. This is an exceptional business!

Michael Lopes, Braintree, MA

Thank you Jane and Kathy for taking good care of Abby. Abby was happy. She looks really good! My house was warm because you went the extra mile by filling the water in the boiler. I would recommend this service to others. Very professional.

Cindy and Ron Newton, Hanover, MA

Tricia was the best!! She went above and beyond!! We would request her again next time!! Extremely happy with the care my cat got. Everything was great and very detailed. Definitely will use you again!!

Kathy Leaver, Norwell, MA

The sitters all went above and beyond 🙂  I really appreciated how they took care of each other and Wally by shoveling the steps and making sure everyone was safe. You have excellent communication amongst your team and with your clients! We will use Heidi’s Hounds again. 

Kathy Austgen, Hingham, MA

Thank you for taking such great care of Millie and for being so accommodating during this crazy year!

The McDonough Family, Hanover, MA

Becca thank you so much for being so good to Ruby.  I know she’s in good hands with you. I truly appreciate all the extra time you have spent showing me the ropes.  You’re the best!

Dana Greico, Hull, MA

Thank you for such a wonderful, reliable service you provide!

Donna Waal, Hingham, MA

Summer was still elated when I got home. It’s very comforting that even at the last minute you guys have my back and Summer is in great hands. She is looking forward to your next visit Becca thanks as always for your care!! 

Joseph Madden, Hull, MA

We are thrilled with the service. The sitters are professional and loving to our two labs, even though our younger dog can be quite a challenge! The service is dependable and Heidi always responds promptly and with a solution when we need last minute coverage.

Jennifer Fay, Hingham, MA

Great job Carly and Joan! Amazing service and experience. Very professional!

Kevin Riveroll, Hingham, MA

I am a nurse who works overnights and the dog walkers have been so quiet coming in! I totally appreciate it!

Christina Botelho, Hingham, MA

Blue LOVES Becca. His photos make my day at work. Rob and I love having her watching out for him and giving him lots of love. Great service and easy access to schedule. 

Caitlyn Murphy, Hull, MA

The ladies took awesome care of Finn today. Please let them know he is home and he is stable.  I REALLY appreciated their initiative and recognition of a serious problem. He is on the mend now and I will be working with the doctor for a long term plan to get him healthy.  Thank you Becca and Cherie very much!!

John, Hull, MA

Jane was phenomenal! We got daily updates on Tessie with pictures. We were very confident that she was being very well taken care of. This is the third time we have used your service and would not hesitate to use it again. 

Deb Hamberg, Boston, MA

I wanted to let you know how happy we were with the care our dogs received last week.  Joan was awesome and really made an effort to make our dogs feel comfortable and at ease.   The regular updates and photos meant that we were able to relax a bit more while we were away.

Carol Hanscom, Cohasset, MA

I couldn’t be happier with the service we received from your sitters! We looked forward to the updates and pictures after each visit and they made us feel so at ease knowing the dogs were receiving excellent care!

Heather Reardon, Cohasset, MA

Great pet sitters! Great service!

Maureen Cianflone, Hingham, MA

The service has been wonderful. The website makes it so easy to schedule. The photos and notes that are posted after each visit are great. Brody is happy to be one of Heidi’s Hounds!

Ellen Hewins, Hingham, MA

Great communication, loved the pics!! Worked well with our schedule.

Mary Zukauskas, Weymouth, MA

Jane was awesome! Moose looked like he had a great time and the pictures and updates were great!  The service is very easy to set up and quick response time.

Jennifer Mitchell, Hingham, MA

I really appreciate your help, kindness and high level of professionalism. It’s been so easy to use your services and we feel so confident in you and your staff. Happy dog, happy family!

Jen Robinson, Hingham, MA

Jane and Joan are the most amazing dog walkers Stella has EVER had! Literally, she loves them. They’re so good. I’m so in love with the journals! 🙂 The service is perfect!

Keri Oulette, Weymouth, MA

Love the daily journal and care that the walkers show to Lou. I will recommend to everyone who asks for a recommendation!

Chris Bergen, Hingham, MA

All of the sitters that took care of Scooby and Scout were amazing. The dogs were calm when we got home so we know they were well cared for. We loved seeing the pictures of the dogs playing in the yard. We really appreciated that the sitters cleaned up when the dogs had accidents. We weren’t expecting the dogs to do that and the sitters just handled it. We love Heidi’s Hounds and will definitely use again. The pictures and updates gave us peace of mind and we know our dogs were well cared for and happy while we were gone.

Katie Merrigan, Hingham, MA

We love Becca! She has worked so hard to befriend our cat Roary who is a challenge!
Fantastic service! So easy to schedule and communicate!

Genny Buxton, Hull, MA

Excellent, very happy with the services. This has been a great experience and I would definitely recommend to friends and family.

Rebecca Billado, Weymouth, MA

Amazing service! So diligent and responsible!!  The dog walkers are so nice and so loving!

Adrien Duncan, Hingham, MA

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with Tricia and all of the great care Murphy got this weekend! I so appreciate your willingness to put that together on such short notice and it was so reassuring to know that Murphy was taken care of! All of the reports were great and he was in great spirits when I got home!

Leah Wallerstein, Norwell, MA

Everything went very well! We enjoyed getting the notes and photos!

Elizabeth Chase, Weymouth, MA

Your company is impressive, I was extremely delighted with the intake process and Joan the sitter.  Her communications were informative and amusing.  This is a top rate service.

Janice Bosworth, Braintree, MA

Stuey loves Joan! He practically screams with joy when he sees her.  Heidi is very helpful especially with last minute requests making accommodations to meet needs. Greatly appreciated

Eileen Whalen, Hingham, MA

Good communication in the journals and very adaptable to my suggestions. The pups have adjusted to the switch from another service and seem more settled when I get home, which is great. I attribute that to the dogs trust and confidence with their dog walker.  Professional and responsive to my needs which inspires confidence in the service.  Not having to worry is a service in itself!

Carol Livingstone, Weymouth, MA

Everything went very well. Every visit was a success.  Very effective communication and easy to use website is great and easy to navigate.

Patrick Blair, Hingham, Ma

Want to give a shout out to Heidi Zazza and Heidi’s Hounds for taking such good care of our dog Lila while we were away. She enlisted Joan who works for her and after every walk we got an email with photos and a blurb about their time together. So nice to know Lila was in good hands and having so much fun. Professional, fantastic at what they do and I would highly recommend Heidi’s Hounds if you ever need a pet sitter, dog walker {and word has it they also have home concierge services too}.

Susan Boyd, Hingham, MA

Heidi’s Hounds is the best!!! Professional service with loving care. My yellow lab Sam looks forward to being walked and cared for by “his ladies”. I always know he is safe and happy when he is with the team. Great updates and pictures too. The website is fantastic and easy to use to take care of all aspects of your pet’s care. I love the HH team!!!

Karym Murphy, Cohasset, MA

We just wanted to say thanks for providing a reliable, quality service.We’ve been home the past few days and seen Becca in action. We wanted to give her a particular shout out for the great care and attention she provides. She’s amazing! Layla sprints over to meet her and they clearly have a blast together.  So thanks to you and your team. It reassuring to know she’s in such good hands everyday.

Jonathan Tatlow, Cohasset, MA

It was so nice having Joan here at our house to take care of our beloved furry friends. While I was away I knew they were in loving and caring hands and each day there were updates on the ‘boys’ and I could see they were having a great ‘stay-cation’ back at home!

Monica Schipul, Scituate, MA

Rebecca was great – she kept us updated and did everything we asked! We loved the updates and photos!

Heidi Visser, Hingham, MA

So glad I found you guys! The walkers are awesome and so attentive to Rosie (and patient with her laziness) and provide such great updates and pictures! So nice to get those while at work and know she’s all set at home. The online system is so easy and convenient, the walkers are awesome and everyone who has kept Rosie overnight has been so caring and wonderful.

Emily Melia, Hingham, MA

This is an excellent pet service! We feel very comfortable leaving our dog in their hands! Sophie was well taken care of and a happy dog when we came home!

Meghan Schmidt, Weymouth, MA

The dog walkers have been very flexible while we have work done on our new house. Even traveling to another house to pick up Lyla for walks. They’ve been great about the flexibility of Lylas crate in/around the house. We really appreciate how easy Heidi’s Hounds makes scheduling our walks with our changing schedules! The online portal is an amazing feature of Heidi’s Hounds. We have all of our updates in one place and can easily make changes, schedule services, and leave notes for our walkers. We never have to stress about plans for our pup. We love Heidi’s Hounds! You guys are great!

Jamie Wilson, Norwell, MA

I am so happy that I took the plunge and left my very senior and blind Yorkie Jazzy with Joan for four days. I was extremely nervous based on previous attempts with family members when Jazzy wouldn’t eat and struggled with being left by me. The photos and comments sent by Joan almost immediately caused a tremendous relief that stayed with me for the time I was away. I can’t thank you enough and would highly recommend Heidi’s Hounds to anyone who has concerns about leaving their pet with a caregiver.

Marilyn Cassidy, Newton, MA

During our initial meeting I knew very quickly that Joan was going to show a lot of love to or pets while we were away. I also noticed her attention to detail and this made me feel I could trust that this was going to be a great experience for our dogs and for peace of mind while we were on vacation. Instead of feeling badly that my pets were left behind, I knew they were getting quality care because of the several pictures and notes we received daily. Heidi’s Hounds was very efficient and clear as well as user friendly. Overall it was a great experience

Elizabeth Cassidy, Waban, MA

Great experience! We will use Heidi’s Hounds again!

Steve Flynn, Hingham, MA

The sitters are so reliable and willing to help. They are prompt and communicative. I could not do this without them.

Michele Henderson, Hingham, MA

Cherie, Joan, and Heidi were all fantastic! The regular communications and photos put my mind at ease and I never worried for a second about leaving Bella for more than a week. She was extremely happy when I arrived home, a sure sign that she enjoyed all the walks, attention, and playtime! I cannot say enough about how great everyone is there. From my first meet and greet with Heidi to my last week-long trip away, the sitters are responsive and reliable, and the pet journals and photos always put a smile on my face. The online scheduling tool is convenient and easy to use and I love being able to keep tabs on things when I’m traveling. I would recommend Heidi’s Hounds to anyone who wants peace of mind when they aren’t able to be home with their pets.

Kimberly McLaughlin, Hingham, MA

Your sitters followed all my pet care instructions and communicated well. From the notes, I could see that the sitters tried to engage with my cats at every visit, and even managed to get one to come out and play by the end of the week.

Brenda Borowski, Weymouth, MA

I love how easy and convenient this is!! Love getting the updates from every visit along with the pictures!! Shawney never did well in the kennel environment, so we are so happy to have found you!!

Kristina Hill, Hingham, MA

We booked Heidi’s Hounds after not being happy with our dogs day care boarding services. I really thought Heidi’s Hounds was going to be too good to be true. They exceeded our expectations and I will be strictly using them in the future for our dog! When originally reaching out, Heidi and Joan came to our home to meet our pride and joy (crazy dog parents lol) and learn more about our german shepherd and what we were looking for. When it came time to booking, we were able to do it online and any little changes or question that we had, were answered quickly and accommodated. Joan watched our German Shepherd for 5 days while we were away and I can’t find the words to describe how awesome she was! She provided journal entries and photos multiple times each day and provided us with such a peace of mind when traveling and feeling bad for leaving our dog. We went to Disney World and I actually think our dog had more fun with Joan than we did!! When we got home and Joan came back with our dog, he was actually sad when she left!! Heidi’s Hounds is a bit more $$ than your typical dog boarding facilities but I actually think its a steal for what you are given. Next time we go on a trip or are away from home a little too long, we know exactly who we will be calling!!

Cristina Adams, Weymouth, MA

Love the online scheduling, payment and journal. So convenient! I like that you have a wide range of products and are always looking to add new ones. I appreciate the availability and reliability of the dog walkers. Tremendous help for me. Great service!

Carmen Sharp, Hingham, MA

I would recommend Heidi’s Hounds to anyone looking for dog care services. Communications were excellent. You understood Miley’s needs and partnered her with a perfect match with her walker. Cherie was excellent with Miley. The patience she had with establishing a relationship with Miley was outstanding. I felt Miley was in good hands and was able to relax and enjoy my vacation. I looked forward to receiving the comments on each visit.

Deb Leonard, Weymouth, MA

We boarded our 7 month old pup for a week. Joan was amazing. We felt like she took care of Oscar like he was her own. I can’t say enough good things about Heidi’s Hounds. They are very organized and professional. We received updates 3 times a day with pics. I highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a reliable pet sitting service. Very professional!

Lera Mullen, Scituate, MA

We love the quick and thorough communication and ease of scheduling! Cherie left us very detailed notes about her visits with Mabel!

Emily Dalton, Weymouth, MA

Everything went exactly how we hoped it would while we were away, we loved the daily emails with pictures & my girls really looked forward to seeing them every morning. Mya adjusted well to the change in her world while we were away & that’s all due to how the sitters took care of her. As a pet owner who has never used a pet service of any type we were more than pleased with everything about Heidi Hounds. I will most definitely refer friends & family. Thank you so much for making our time away worry free.

Kerrie Manley, Hingham, MA

Your Service Is Heaven Sent!

Shay Thompson, Hingham, MA

I want to express our sincere gratitude for the great care you are giving Koa. We knew right away when we met you that you would be great to work with and you have beyond exceeded our expectations. We love the notes and pictures! Although we are new to the area we will rave about you and your team to anyone who will listen, haha. Thank you so much for everything and allowing us to rest easy knowing that our little baby is in good hands. Hope she isn’t being too stubborn for the walkers…she is a big personality for a small dog! We look forward to a long and great relationship with you all.

Kate and Tim Chanoux, Cohasset, MA

Cherie made an effort to get to know each of our boys personally and was responsive throughout our time away.  Communication system is great!

Brie Williams, Hingham, MA

Jane was awesome! She definitely made Rosie feel right at home based on the pictures of her snuggling up and making herself comfortable! Everything has been great! The online system is so convenient, the journal entries/photos are so comforting when you’re away and everyone has been so nice!

Emily Melia, Hingham, MA

Heidi was responsive from our very first interaction. I felt comfortable knowing our high energy (and needy) pup was in very capable and professional care. Joan was amazing with Jackson. She worked on a specific behavior and he came home responding to a new command. The daily updates and pictures were great.

Joyce Watson-O'Neill, Rockland, MA

Heidi’s Hounds is very professional and everything I need! It is so nice to get a very personal note regarding my dog.

Pamela Kuzia, Weymouth, MA

The updates confirm that you really interact with both dogs, and intimately understand their personalities. I know my animals are loved, happy, and safe while I’m away. Peace of mind is invaluable; I am so lucky to have found you!

Lyza Morss, Weymouth, MA

Your team has been fabulous! It’s so reassuring to have your help. With deep appreciation and gratitude.

Karen and Prit Gill, Hingham, MA

WE LOVE JOAN!!!!!!!!!!!! She is so caring and we can tell that Finn loves her. We think he likes Joan better than his own family! He got lots of love and attention and we couldn’t be happier!  So glad I found Heidi’s Hounds!

Catherine Williams, Hingham, MA

Jane was wonderful with communication and sent lots of pictures which we enjoyed while away.  Heidi’s Hounds is very easy to work with, great communication, and I was completely at ease leaving my new puppy knowing he was in a safe and loving environment.

Sarah Doggett, Hingham, MA

Joan was an amazing communicator when we were on our trip. It was hard leaving a puppy at home, but Joan’s communication really put us at ease. We were able to enjoy our trip knowing that our girls were being very well taken care of.

Barb Morelli, Hingham, MA

Thank you so much for your visits with Moses and Hobbs. Very professional and excellent communication. So reassuring they did well in our absence. We are so appreciative. What a pleasure to come home to two relaxed pets.

Shelley and Jim Brown, Cohasset, MA

Cherie was in constant communication…she was flexible and super loving to Sandy.  We had a wonderful experience with Heidi’s Hounds!

Sarah Coughlin, Hingham, MA

As someone who works in the pet care industry I fully understand the pressure and responsibility which comes along with caring for peoples’ pets. Finding somebody who can deal with dogs that may be challenging is even more difficult. I have two large dogs who are not exactly social butterflies and require some specialized care. I have never hired a pet sitting service to care for my dogs while I was out of town, instead I always chose to leave them in the daycare facility I work for. I have acquired a few more dogs however and splitting them up to leave some at home was much more convenient. After looking at a few local dog walkers and pet sitters I spoke with Heidi to set up a consultation at my home. She and Joan spent time asking questions about my dogs individual personalities as well as their routines for their walks. I was immediately put at ease by the attention to detail and effort to fully understand my dogs. I am admittedly a control freak about my dogs and am very particular about their day to day. On my first day travelling I was relieved to find Joan on my nanny cam (hehehe) carefully attending to my pups. Each day her pictures and personalized comments gave me such peace of mind I would not hesitate to refer others to Heidi’s Hounds or to use them again in the future.

Courtney Waters, Cohasset, MA

We love getting the notes; we love getting the pictures! I have never felt more at ease leaving my dog behind as I do with Heidi’s Hounds. She gets to stay in her own home with regular walks and attention. The peace of mind while we’re away is immeasurable, as is the joy of coming home to a happy, healthy puppy dog. Beyond the excellent care and attention that Stella clearly gets, the technology behind signing up, keeping track of Stella’s walks and payment processing makes it that much easier. I couldn’t ask for more.

Jennifer Gannett, Hingham, MA

This is going well and as a family we appreciate the commitment. Your service is enabling my aunt to keep her dog at her assisted living facility. Thank you!

Susan Denison, Cohasset, MA

Great people and great service! I love all the sitters – and Sammy does too! I am always excited to see the daily email!

Karym Murphy, Cohasset, MA

Heidi, thank you so much for everything! The meet and greet was a nice touch so I could actually see where Rosey would be while we were away. You always got back to me right away if I had any concerns. This was our first time leaving Rosey. We loved getting the feedback twice a day which allowed us to see how things were going. We were very happy with Jane’s service and look forward to using her again while we are away in April. Thank you for taking such good care of Rosey!

Kristen Haggerty, Hingham, MA

Brittany was great. I was able to enjoy time with family and friends without worrying about my “baby”. I really liked the email updates and pictures!

Sarah Schneider, Hingham, MA

Everything was great! Jane was communicative and took great care of Rigby! Rigby had a lot of fun!

Francesca Rovello, Hingham, MA

Thank you so much for your quick responses and attention to Tom’s needs! Cherie took good care of Tom and he was in good spirits when we returned. I really like the journal updates that allow me to stay updated on exactly what is happening with my dog while I’m away!

Jennifer McGhee, Weymouth, MA

We are very happy with the service and how much we could customize timing for walks and visits. Brogan seemed very happy when we got home as well which is always nicer than the stressed dog we usually get back after being boarded! I think he really likes staying in his home! Thank you so much for helping us out!!

Allison Skidmore, Hingham, MA

I’m very happy with the service received last week from Heidi’s Hounds. Traveling away from my less than 6 month old puppy can be nerve wracking as puppy behavior is not always predictable (understatement!)…but they did such a great job! Getting an update post-walk with photos and details of the visit (while across the country!) made me feel so much better knowing he was getting great care. Online scheduling and payment was perfect for me as it was one less thing to have to manage offline 🙂 Highly recommend!!

Sarah Proehm, Hingham, MA

I wanted to thank you as it was such a relief to know that Maggie and Maisie were so well cared for during my extra-long day last Thursday. Just like leaving my kids for the first time it was nice knowing that my “girls” were so well cared for. I am thrilled that this worked out so well. Looking forward to having you continue to work with us!

Robin Moyer, Hingham, MA

A big thanks Heidi and Joan for being available on such short notice for us….much appreciated!
We just got home and Jake is doing great!

Mike Letizia & John Prisinzano, Hingham, MA

Thank you so much for watching over Jasper!!! He seems so relaxed and not stressed that we left. I love the daily updates and photos. Thank you for doing everything perfectly, I am so grateful!

Sarah Lemay, Hingham, MA

Heidi, I have to send you another testimonial! I am soooo glad that I found you and the wonderful people who work for you! It has made my life so much easier and less stressful when I travel to know that my kitty and my home are in your team’s very capable hands. Aurora looks great and is doing really well! Thank you so much!!

Becky Silver, Hingham, MA

Joan did an excellent job watching Rex! She is very skilled and extremely reliable. You certainly will get more requests from me to watch Rex!

Dr. Martin Farber, Cohasset, MA

My husband and I could not be happier with your service! It offered so much comfort to us while being so far away from home! I loved the emails and the comments about giving Charlie love and treats! We will use Heidi’s Hounds again!

Stacey Barnes, Weymouth, MA

Your sitters communicate well and follow all of our instructions! We love you!

Rhoda Silverleib, Hingham, MA

We were thrilled with Joan’s detailed (and hilarious) follow up notes from her visits with Sasha! We are 110% satisfied and will be recommending Heidi’s Hounds to our friends and neighbors! We were so happy with the service, the ease of scheduling, the website, the follow-up emails…and the list goes on! Heidi’s Hounds provided excellent service!

Karen Reale, Hingham, MA

I loved that you came right out to my house to meet me for a Complimentary Meet and Greet. Joan was great with the dogs and we really appreciated how patient she was with Baloo! We know he can be a handful! Joan followed all our instructions and communicated with us after each visit. So Reliable!

Brian and Jean Kilduff, Norwell, MA

Sophie had a wonderful time with Jane, and I was so pleased with Jane’s care and enthusiasm! I loved the twice daily updates (along with the photos) as they gave me peace of mind since I was so far away. Since Sophie is an older girl who needs medication, I am only comfortable leaving her in a calm environment where I know she is getting personalized care. I will absolutely use your service again! Jane was wonderful and your attention to detail is thorough and professional. I really can’t think of any way to improve your service!

Jill Nilsen, Hingham, MA

Heidi, I am so thrilled that I discovered your pet sitting service this past summer! As I think you are aware, I’ve been having problems finding reliable pet care when I travel and the worst part of traveling was wondering if I could find someone to watch my 15 year old Calico cat who needs extra care. One of the best things about Heidi’s Hounds is that they have a team of pet care specialists so they are always able to accommodate my travel plans which completely takes the worry out of traveling for me. It’s such a relief! The most reassuring and best part when I am away from home is that I know my cat is well cared for and Heidi and her team have been very accommodating with any of my special requests. I love the twice a day journal and pictures that are posted after every visit. It’s been a wonderful experience!

Becky Silver, Hingham, MA

We were just moving to Hingham and leaving on vacation within days. I was referred to Heidi’s Hounds to care for our bunny, Pat. They were fantastic! We enjoyed having the cute notes from the caregiver arrive everyday. When we returned home, we found his cage in pristine condition. One improvement to our peace of mind was that we could see the bunny everyday, with the pictures that were attached to the update. We will definitely use and recommend Heidi’s Hounds for our pet care needs in the future.

Jack Kelleher, Hingham, MA

I guess I’ll start at the beginning when we met Heidi. My husband and I were so wrapped up in our move to Hingham – we forgot that we would be out a dog walker and needed one ASAP. Heidi had come recommended from multiple people on a local community board and reached out to me directly. From her website and initial online reviews we liked what we saw and scheduled a “meet & greet” over the weekend with very short notice which Heidi was nice enough to accommodate. We have two small dachshunds (aka big egos who have a lot to say) and one is a rescue, Illy, who has a number of trust issues after living on the street. Let’s say it would take a real dog lover to even want to put in the time with her. Heidi walked right into our messy partially unpacked house and sat right down on the floor getting to know our dogs. I was sold! She explained how her team works and the background checks they’re put through. That really set us at ease. It can be nerve wracking to leave a key to your house with a stranger! It’s been a few weeks now and we have LOVED our experience so far. Our dogs needed some extra time getting used to their new home and walker and Heidi and her team were really accommodating. There were multiple calls back and forth that first weeks. Heidi again put us at ease and assured us she was not giving up on us and really worked to find ways to make scheduling and care for our pups work for everyone! I also must mention her online portal is so easy to navigate and manage. It was a quick set-up on our end and a couple clicks and we were in business! We also love our daily reports we receive. It gives us an update on their “business”, whether they were given fresh water, treats, etc and always includes a picture or two of our pups during their outing. It’s pretty much a highlight of my day when I get the alert in my inbox! If you are looking for a trustworthy, pet loving, easy to work with pet walker – I would not hesitate to recommend Heidi and her team! She ticked all our boxes…and then some we didn’t even know we were missing!

Megan Connors Sahillioglu, Hingham, MA

We recently hired Heidi’s Hounds to take care of my two dogs while we went on vacation for 5 days. I have never hired anyone to sit for my dogs before and I needed someone to stay at night and let them out during the day. I was nervous for them and worried how they would do having a stranger in our house (which we were a little nervous about also).

We met with Heidi and Cherie (who would be staying in our house) and we were impressed with both. They made us feel good about leaving them and that they would keep us posted on their care daily. Heidi and Cherie followed through on everything they said, we had updates and pictures every time they went for a walk and what was going on with them. We looked forward to these updates everyday and it made us feel at ease with leaving them.

Heidi is very accommodating to the needs of our dogs and she is always easy to get a hold of for changes in the schedule. I would hire her again and will recommend her highly.

Dianne Melanson, Weymouth, MA

Thank you to Cherie for taking such good care of my cats and fish! We arrived at home and we’re happy to see my cats and fish happy and in good health! The house was in great shape too! Thank you again for keeping me up to date at each visit. It was such a relief!

Heather Robinson, Hanover, MA

Thank you for taking such good care of Liberty this weekend. I loved hearing the funny updates and your true love of animals shines through. These pets are lucky to have you!

Florence Richardson, Hingham, MA

Heidi, we couldn’t be happier. We love Jersey beyond words, and it kills us when we can’t take him with us on trips. We also can’t bare the thought of him in a kennel. Your services are the perfect solution. The photos/updates are the best! They provide a great deal of comfort and trust.

Megan Maguire, Hingham, MA

Everything went great for the kitties last week! I could not have scripted it any better! I love the daily pet care journals and pictures as do my kids!

Susie O'Horo, Hingham, MA

I can’t say enough good things about the care our dog(s) “Otter” and “Bear” have received from Heidi at Heidi’s Hounds. We first found Heidi when we had our nervous dog “Bear” who was anxious around strangers, and would have a heart attack if we ever left him in a kennel. We were desperate to find someone who would knowledgeably, compassionately and confidently work with him and take him on overnights. Heidi was just that person. She met him several times, took him for walks, and finally, had a successful overnight. We felt so good leaving Bear in Heidi’s care, and it was such a relief to be able to go away again and not rely on relatives (or, not go away at all). When we sadly had to put Bear down, her compassion and generosity (donating to a local shelter in his name) went above and beyond duties. Its not only a business for her, but its obvious she enjoys connecting with the dogs. She has been so wonderful with our new dog Otter. We wouldn’t leave Otter with anyone else. He is high energy being a lab mix, and he is clearly happy, well exercised and well cared for when we pick him up. SO glad we found her, we can FINALLY go away again and have peace of mind, thank you Heidi!

Abby Friend, Hingham, MA

I have used Heidi’s Hounds for dog walking services and feeding while my kids and I were away but my husband was home in the evening. I was so impressed with her and her professionalism when meeting her for the first time. Also, the app she uses to book is very detail oriented but very easy to use. While I was away, I received an email with a picture of my precious boy after each walk, which I loved. Heidi’s love for dogs is so clear from the way she interacts with dogs. I felt totally comfortable leaving for a few days knowing Heidi was looking after Wilson. I got Wilson before I had my twins so he is like my first born! I am very particular who walks and takes care of him. I am so happy a friend of mine recommended Heidi’s Hounds to me.

Erica Shevlin, Hingham, MA

We are so pleased to have found Heidi’s Hounds for our two lab retreivers. We started out with an introductory meeting, followed by a walk with our dogs.This was a great opportunity to get to point out things in our neighborhood and share some background on our dogs. We love the service we receive with Heidi’s Hounds. The daily new pet care journal is a great tool for us. We can see when they were walked, where, and who did or didn’t do their business. Payment is just as easy as Heidi’s Hounds creates an invoice every week. We are very satisfied with the service we receive at Heidi’s Hounds. It is so nice knowing they are taken care of while we are away!

Carolyn and Michael Pestritto, Hingham, MA

Heidi’s Hounds is the perfect dog care solution for my sweet, senior, slightly neurotic pound puppy.  Chance has only been in kennel-free boarding whenever we needed overnight care.  At our prior home in Seattle, Chance had the perfect dog care setup with a provider who had five fenced acres and allowed Chance to sleep on her bed.  Touring local kennels after our move to Hingham in 2015, I knew the setups would just not work for my baby.  Enter Heidi’s Hounds!  After meeting with Heidi (who kindly came to my home not long after I had knee surgery) I knew I had found the perfect solution.  In-home care with only 2 dog boarders at a time; near my home, pick-up and drop-off available and most of all, Heidi!  An experienced dog Mom, Heidi is savvy, concerned and reliable.  On a recent 10 day visit, Chance had a minor medical situation.  Heidi was in close contact with me over several days and then eventually took him to our vet, when the situation did not resolve on its own.  All better by the time I picked him up!  I would encourage any dog Moms and Dads to trust Heidi with their precious pup!

Betsy Weyer, Hingham, MA

I cannot say enough great things about Heidi’s Hounds! Before Heidi, we had a terrible experience with another dog walking service, some days they did not come, other days they were only here for less than 5 minutes! We were working long days and relying on friends and family to stop in and see our new adopted dog. Heidi started immediately for us, which helped out SO much! She was very detailed with information regarding our needs, and our dog Knox took to Heidi right away! I am so comfortable leaving for the day knowing Heidi or one of her staff will be over. They always come within the time requested and stay for the full time. The online system is so easy to use and schedule specific days and times. We get a detailed note about how Knox is doing, the time someone arrives and leaves, pictures, and the piece of mind knowing Knox is well taken care of. Knox looks forward to seeing Heidi, and I am so glad we found her! I would recommend Heidi to everyone, if you love your pets and want someone to love them like they are their own, you can depend on Heidi’s Hounds!

Rachyl Goodine, Norwell, MA

Thank you again for taking such wonderful care of Annie and Reilly. Being away from them is hard for us but we felt much better knowing they were in such good hands!

Lisa Linton / Hingham, MA

I just wanted to give a special thanks to Heidi Zazza of Heidi’s Hounds for making our first time away from our Labrador puppy, Chatham, the easiest and most comfortable process. I dropped Chatham at Heidi’s home Friday morning and she delivered him to me this afternoon. Heidi was referred by a friend and not only has a great reputation for caring for dogs but also the experience. Heidi took Chatham for walks, had play time with other puppies and took the time to send me pictures and updates on how he was doing several times each day. If you know the dates you will be away, I recommend you contact Heidi sooner than later. You won’t be sorry.

Brooke Kavoogian / Hingham, MA

Heidi has an amazing animal presence. She has been an equestrian since a child and a lifetime lover of dogs. Specifically, she helped me introduce a dog that I inherited to my two dogs at home. She saw something in his personality before I did and she gave me the confidence that I needed to make the introduction and subsequent successful integration into my home. Also, during her schooling for her graduate degree in animal studies she had to choose a dog in a shelter to spend time with …. She chose a dog in the shelter where I worked that many of my own volunteers couldn’t get close to… In no time flat her calm energy had given this dog just what she needed to relax and enjoy the visit.

Liz Zappia / Stamford, CT