Recently I was reminded why proper identification on our pets is so critical. Fletch and I had just finished a hike at World’s End in Hingham and were heading home. As we were driving up Martins Lane we came upon a dog in the middle of the road. This dog (a female) looked to be a healthy weight but was eating road kill and was wet from the misty morning. Another woman was trying to lure her off the busy road with treats. The dog was VERY shy and not particularly food motivated. It took three of us plus a lot of patience, to get close enough to slip a leash over her head. Once the pooch was leashed we could see she was wearing a collar but there were no identification tags. Animal control instructed us to transport her to a local doggy daycare for safekeeping until owners were found. The wonderful day care staff used their microchip reader to determine if the dog was chipped (she was not). Thankfully this story has a happy ending and the pooch and her owners were reunited the next day. However, the incident was a stark reminder of just how critical it is for pet owners to ensure their pets are wearing proper identification at ALL times.

Research shows that fewer than 2% of lost cats and 15% of lost dogs ever find their way home. 40% of lost cats are considered “indoor only” and slip out of the house when no one is noticing. According to one study (Ohio State University), micro-chipped cats were 20 times more likely and micro-chipped dogs 2.5 times more likely to be returned to their owners.

In addition to proper identification on your pet, make sure you have good clear photos of them. A head shot face on, a profile head shot, and a full body photo can all help identify your furry friend should he get lost. You can also use these photos on flyers to post in the neighborhood in the event your pet goes missing.

The sky is the limit with pet identification designs. Use the opportunity to reflect your pet’s personality with whimsical tags, embroidered collars, harnesses and leashes. Infinite colors and styles are available to pet owners. Have fun with the designs while keeping your pet safe at the same time.

Picture courtesy of Critter Bling