The Heidi’s Hounds team follows a strict code of ethics when working with our client’s pets. On leash greetings between a client’s dog and other pets and humans is strictly forbidden. Our highest priority is to keep our client’s pet safe. We believe that on leash greetings present an unnecessary risk which can be completely avoided. The risk increases the more you do it and it only takes one bad interaction to lead to fear based issues for your dog in the future.

Not all dogs want to make friends

Not all dogs want to be social butterflies- my dog included. And it’s tough to determine on the fly how well (or not) a greeting will go. For starters, you don’t know the other person’s dog, nor do you know the person’s experience or skill level as a pet parent. In addition, most humans don’t understand the basics of how to conduct a leash greeting properly. Leashes should be kept loose so dogs have the feeling of being off leash without restriction. Dogs need to feel they are free to move and free to communicate when meeting another dog for the first time.

Recently Fletch and I were walking in Hingham and were approached by two exuberant dogs on leash. Before I could ask the owner not to approach, her dogs pulled her over and one of the pups jumped on Fletch who returned that greeting with a loud snarl. The owner mumbled something snarky under her breath and scurried away. My little old terrier is a sweetheart, but doesn’t appreciate being approached by high energy dogs. Thankfully snarling is Fletch at his worst, but other dogs may have a bigger reaction and situations can get out of hand rather quickly.

Safety is always our first concern

In addition to dodging leash greetings with other dogs, the Heidi’s Hounds team also avoids letting our client’s dogs interact with other children and adults. Not every dog has experience with children, nor does every dog feel secure enough to greet complete strangers with a wagging tail. By avoiding these interactions, we ensure your pet is never accused of a snip, snap, or growl. Everything we do at Heidi’s Hounds is with your pet’s best interest and safety in mind. Our duty is to care for your pet as if it were our own and provide you with complete peace of mind that every avoidable safety risk to your pet is averted. Our word is our bond.

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” Roger A. Caras