It’s a good time to remind our clients that the Heidi’s Hounds team is out taking care of your pets in all kinds of weather! Please assume that despite any weather conditions, if you have a visit scheduled with Heidi’s Hounds, we will show up. During inclement weather and extremes in temperature in Massachusetts, it is important for us to take into consideration the time dogs spend outside. Some pooches can handle the extreme weather better than others.

We will use our best judgment on how long to keep your pet outdoors unless you have a specific request. The visit time will remain the same, however some of that time may simply be spent indoors playing and giving affection. If there is an impending blizzard, hurricane or Nor’easter coming toward us on the South Shore, we will send an email to clients asking anyone who plans on being home due to the storm to cancel their visits. Our utmost concern will be to get to the pets who don’t have an owner at home to care for them during hazardous weather. If you are out of town, it is our guarantee that we will be there to care for your pet.

Additional Considerations:

-Please leave a towel for wet days so we can dry off your pets.
-Please arrange to have someone pre-hired to shovel and/or plow in case it snows. Your driveway and a path to your house need to be clear in order for your pet sitter to take care of your pet. We have many pets to take care of during hazardous weather and our team won’t have extra time to shovel.
-Leave pet safe ice melt for the folks shoveling/plowing your walk and driveways. It’s a good idea to leave an extra container inside in case the pet sitter needs to add additional ice melt on your driveway or walkway.
-Make sure you have enough pet food, kitty litter, pet medication and other pet supplies in case you get delayed getting home due to weather.

Pet sitters truly work through rain, and snow, day and night. Planning ahead during the winter and for bad weather situations will make the care of your pet a little easier and provide you with peace of mind that your pet is being cared for even in the most difficult weather.