My clients RAVE about the pet sitting software Heidi’s Hounds uses to document our visits with your furry friends. This magical software allows our sitters to send you detailed pet care journals via email each and every time we visit your pet.

The best part is that the software has GPS functionality which records the EXACT time your sitter checks into your home and checks out of their visit with your best friend. How cool is that?!

Our pet care journals track your pets exercise, toileting, feeding, water, treats and includes a personal note from your sitter and pictures of your pets. As soon as we are done with your pet’s visit, you will receive your journal ASAP.

In addition to the fun Pet Care Journals you will receive, our software safely stores all of your Client and Pet information in a secure database eliminating the need for you to leave us handwritten notes, text messages and emails. Load the information once and our database is backed up every night for safekeeping. And in just a few clicks, you can request your services electronically right through the software.

During my twenty- plus years as a Not-For-Profit executive, I spent a lot of time traveling around the globe for business. I spent countless days in far off places endlessly worrying about my pets. I was never able to find a pet care service that put my mind at ease. Too many times I’d find out that pet sitters didn’t show up as promised and my dogs were not getting the care that was indicated.

When I founded Heidi’s Hounds on the South Shore, I had one goal in mind: providing superior pet care and giving our clients total peace of mind! We truly believe our clients should be able to leave their pets with no guilt and without worry. Our software ensures your peace of mind and builds a relationship of trust between our clients and our team of pet sitters. Call us today for a free phone consultation. Our word is our bond!