Sometimes, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do it all. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, hiring a dog walker is a great way to take something off your plate while still making sure that your precious pet is still getting what they need. Not convinced? Here are a few more reasons you should hire a dog walker today.

Walking makes dogs happy

Don’t we all want our dogs to be happy? Almost every dog we visit shows their excitement when we come with the leash ready to go walking.

Walking helps dogs release their excess energy

Dogs need an outlet for their energy.  Regular exercise will calm down an excitable pooch.

Walking promotes mental and physical well-being in dogs

Imagine sitting around the house all day with nothing to do? By walking your dog on a daily basis, you are giving him an opportunity to use his senses to engage his mind (and tire his body).  Dogs that get regular exercise are fitter and healthier than those that don’t.  Many dogs suffer from health problems simply because they are overweight. As dogs age it is important to keep muscles strong so they can support their joints and keep them mobile as long as possible.

Walking helps reduce behavioral problems in dogs

Many dogs dig, chew and bark because of boredom. A simple walk eases boredom and gives them something positive to do instead. Once a dog knows he can count on regular daily walks, he will usually stop trying to find other undesirable things to do while he is at home.

Walking promotes bonding and socialization for dogs and their families

Dogs that get out of the house and off their properties on a regular basis have the chance to experience the world around them. These dogs will often become more and more of a pleasure to take out and will easily fit in on family hikes, picnics and visits to the beach.

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