Limited Availability for Pets that Are a Bit More Needy! Pet Lodging in Heidi's Home | $85 for 24 hours This is the Ultimate Boutique Experience for Your Pet Each day starts with a sunrise field trip to beautiful World’s End Reservation in Hingham, MA. Daytime and evening walks will be in the delightful Hingham Shipyard Dogs accompany me to my horse farm in the afternoon Round the clock care and attention Pet Lodging with one of our Awesome Pet Sitters | $65 for 24

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Pet sitting in your home is an excellent alternative to boarding in a kennel. Many veterinarians and pet care experts believe that keeping pets in their familiar surroundings minimizes stress when their owners have to be away from home. Pets are able to maintain their diet, exercise and sleeping routines. And they enjoy the personal attention provided by one of our amazing pet sitters. This also diminishes their exposure to illnesses from other animals. Whatever takes you away from home (work, travel, meetings, family emergency)

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Let us help you while you’re at the office or get stuck away from the house. If you have a demanding schedule don't worry! We've got your pet care needs covered. One of our amazing pet sitters will get your pooch out for a walk to stretch their legs and do their thing! Your pet gets much needed relief and mental stimulation. We understand each pet is unique. We offer a variety of Dog Walking options and packages for you to customize. If you don’t

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