Help Your Pet Sitter Care for Your Dog in Bad Weather

It’s a good time to remind our clients that the Heidi’s Hounds team is out taking care of your pets in all kinds of weather! Please assume that despite any weather conditions, if you have a visit scheduled with Heidi’s Hounds, we will show up. During inclement weather and extremes in temperature in Massachusetts, it is important for us to take into consideration the time dogs spend outside. Some pooches can handle the extreme weather better than others. We will use our best judgment on

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Winter Paw Care

We’re in the thick of winter in New England. To date Mother Nature has been kind but reality and experience tells us to be prepared for her winter fury! For your pets, this means being ready to protect paws from the cold, ice, salt and other winter hazards. While many pooches don’t love the idea of wearing winter booties, with patience and practice, most dogs will get accustomed to wearing them. Boots will eliminate your pet’s paws coming in contact with painful salt crystals, poisonous

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