Year End Charitable Giving for Animals in Need

As 2016 comes to a close, we revel and reflect about another year gone by. During this celebratory time, you may want to consider a year end gift to an animal welfare organization to help them continue their work for animals in need of safeguarding. To help find the perfect animal charity, I like to refer to a non profit organization Charity Watch; an independent charity watch dog (no pun intended :) ) giving donors information they need to make informed giving decisions. Only two

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Proper Pet Identification

Recently I was reminded why proper identification on our pets is so critical. Fletch and I had just finished a hike at World’s End in Hingham and were heading home. As we were driving up Martins Lane we came upon a dog in the middle of the road. This dog (a female) looked to be a healthy weight but was eating road kill and was wet from the misty morning. Another woman was trying to lure her off the busy road with treats. The dog

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