Dispelling Myths About Ticks

Our beautiful New England Fall weather has given way to a lot of ticks this season. We’re finding ticks on client’s pets on a regular basis. Not only are these critters gross, but there is much about them most people don’t understand. DISPELLING THE MYTHS Ticks Die After the First Frost – Not True! Deer ticks can remain active throughout the winter and into spring as long as temperatures are not below freezing. Other species, such as the Lone Star tick and the American dog

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30 Fun Facts About Dogs

Take A Break From The Post Election Rhetoric and Enjoy These 30 Fun Facts About Dogs! DOGS AND HUMANS 1. A dog’s nose is like a human fingerprint and can be used to identify them! 2. In South Carolina, the maximum sentence for beating your dog is longer than the sentence for beating your wife! 3. Dogs only have 1,700 taste buds vs 9,000 in humans. 4. Paul McCartney added an extra high pitched whistle in the song “A Day in the Life” for his

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